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Realm Speak

Robin Warren's RealmSpeak

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The latest version of RealmSpeak is:
New Questing Play!
Released 16 September 2012

This page is to help promote RealmSpeak and to give players somewhere to publicly list game play issues or bug reports for the game.

RealmSpeak is a work in progress, but it is already most impressive! You can currently play a game very close to a 2nd Edition 4th encounter game either as solitaire, or online against other players. If you haven't seen RealmSpeak yet go to Robin's RealmSpeak Page and download it! You need to be using Java (at least v1.5) for it to work. If you are interested in checking the progress, take a look at the RealmSpeak web log.

If you find bugs in RealmSpeak...

RealmSpeak Bug Tracking Database: LOGIN

User interface tips

  • While recording your turn, click on a clearing to record a move phase to it.
  • To see the awakened spells in a spell book or artifact, double click on it in your inventory.
  • To see the other side of a map tile, hold down shift while the mouse cursor is over it in the map window.
  • To see the other side of a denizen's counter, hold down shift while the mouse cursor is over it in the combat window.
  • You can use cheat mode for testing. Start the game with cheat.bat and click on your character's token in the character frame to get the cheat dialog. Type "help" into it to see your options. You can get any item, move stuff around, see where all the items are hidden, and things like that.

Be sure to check out the new Realm Speak FAQ!

Custom Character Builder NEW

If you have suggestions for advantages you'd like to see supported in the custom character builder, please go to Realm Speak Advantages Request page!

Book of Quests / Quest Cards for Realm Speak

Robin and Steve are collaborating on a project to get a form of the Book of Quests into Realm Speak. Follow their progress on the Realm Speak Quests page.

Learn to play Magic Realm

See a guideline for using Realm Speak as a learning aid for beginners intimidated by that big rule book.

Video Tutorials

Watch a tutorial made using Realm Speak or make your own.

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Page last modified on September 17, 2012, at 12:00 AM