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A small collection of useful stuff for download!

File Contributions: Direct uploads are not available to avoid netMoron abuse, so just email your submissions to 'petros AT' (replace the ' AT ') and I will put them up. You can still edit the file descriptions yourself.

Andrew Gould's Magic Realm Data Spreadsheet v4 (250KB)Updated 4-Jun-06

Includes Monsters (by sound and monster roll), Monster Stats, Monster Appearance, Sites and Sounds, Setup Card (chart from 3rd Ed Rules), Weapons, Missile Table Results, Magic, Spell Cards (chart from 3rd Ed Rules), Available Spells by Character, Spell Summaries (sortable and filterable), Treasures (sortable and filterable), Native Relationships, a chart of Probabilities, and a sheet to lay out your active chits and spells.

Designed in Microsoft Excel but works fine in the free OpenOffice Calc program
(get OpenOffice from

Another (mostly) free-ware program is the "Lan Suite" from Software 602. It also opens & composes in Microsoft's closed document formats. You can get it from the 602 website, I designed the following sheet with 602 Tab, (then tested it in MS Excel):

Logan Graves' Character Stats Spreadsheet (208KB)

This file contains a colorful, graphic representation of each character's chits, grouped by weight, type, and count. With it, you can easily compare say, the Amazon & the Captain to the Black Knight. Plus, it shows some interesting 'gaps' in several of the characters' abilities, such as the Wizard's "missing" [M4 Fight] chit.

I've also included some of the extra characters, including the ones from the New Characters page.
Note: please let me know if I've used an old or obsolete copy of anyone's character, and I'll make the necessary updates.


Complete Third Edition Rules, Ver. 3.1 (1,766KB)Added 28-Dec-05

The update of the Third Edition Rules is now available for download here as a PDF or as a MS-Word File on the Magic Realm page on Bryan Winter's server at:

The new release, dated 9-Dec-05, features:

a. Full Standard Rules, including all corrections and clarifications that we have cataloged from discussions with Richard Hamblen since the original Third Edition

b. Complete Optional Rules from 2nd Edition, plus updated and new rules from Magic Realm designer Richard Hamblen that were edited out of the 2nd edition (including Watchful Natives, Benevolent Spells, and Extended Development)

c. Complete Lists & Tables

d. Complete Index

Many thanks to my collaborators on this new version, Teresa Michelson, Jay Richardson, and Dan Farrow, and all of the thoughtful discussion on the Magic Realm list from too many people to acknowledge individually.

--Steve McKnight

Magic Realm Reference pages Added 28-Jan-06

Not so much something to download, but a collection of web pages with tables of information helpful in running a Magic Realm game. There are reference charts summarizing all the natives, denizens, and spells. I'm currently working on a few more, most notably one for commerce prices of treasure items.

--Daniel W. Farrow, IV

Magic Realm TrueType Font Added 9-Jul-07

Font --- This is a utility, only in the respect that it makes it easy to construct documents representing the different pieces in the game. Because it is a TrueType font, you can install it on any Windows machine with ease, and use it right away.
PDF Font Map - Get this, so you don't have to experiment with every single key to determine what symbol matches which key.

--Robin Warren

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