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Who's Who in the Realm - Players

Peter Morris

I created this wiki, so I get to be in this list! :-)

Info about me? I could blather on here, but that would be duplication.

Daniel W. Farrow, IV

I have run some pbem Magic Realm games and have my own reference tables: MR Reference tables


Just a guy in Chicago who jointly (with Matt) developed a magic realm expansion on top of Robin's Expansion.

Love the wiki.

Jay Richardson

Located in Kansas; areas of particular interest are the optional combat rules, the "Book of Quests" variant, and the history of the game.

Scott Demers

Located in Denver, Colorado; Love the game - never enough time to play; Enterprise software sales management professional (egads!) and amateur game designer/life enjoyer; Own and I hope you enjoy those sites too. I can be reached at mgcrealm AT yahoo if you are ever passing through Denver and want to play a FTF game.

Joel Yoder

Located in Chicago. Fascinated by Magic Realm like no other boardgame. Author of "Magic Realm in Plain English."

Daniel Tartaglia

I played MR both when it was first released and also back in the late 80's early 90's. Created the first mailing list (this was a manual thing, people would e-mail me and I would forward the e-mail to everyone in my address book) and the first FAQ (which has since been incorporated into Adam Burr's FAQ.) I was especially proud of the original magic example I created. Last but not least, I also started the first MR-PBEM game, although I ended up marrying my wife and suddenly finding myself the father of 3 young children so the game never was completed.)

As of Feb. 2005, I still follow the discussions on the mailing list, but since I haven't played in about 8 years, I don't feel too confident in adding my input. :-/

Andrew Gould (aka Arthwollipot)

I was hooked on Magic Realm from a very young age - about eight, I think. My brother got a copy, and we played it a few times. Of course, now I know that we were playing it all wrong, but...

I have a website, on which you will find Arthwollipot's Magic Realm Strategy Guide. Anyone can add comments to any of the pages in this Guide - all you need to do is create an account on my site.

I play Realmspeak a lot, but since I live on the other side of the planet to most MR players, it's usually kinda hard to organise an online game.

Steve McKnight

I fell in love with Magic Realm at a game club in Northern Virgina in 1979 when Jim Stahler, one of the playtesters of the First Edition, showed up with the game and, playing the Berserker, hired R7 and wandered over the board with his "young man" dealing out mayhem to monsters everywhere.

After moving to Boston I played with my three kids from the time they were 7 or 8 and wrote a rule summary of the First Edition Rules that eventually developed into the 8-page Second Edition rule summary "The Least You Need to Know to Play Magic Realm." When I stumbled onto the on-line Magic Realm community in 1998 or so, I was able to drop Jim Stahler's name to get in touch with Richard Hamblen and get him to answer some questions about the game that hadn't been resolved to my satisfaction in the discussions on the Magic Realm list-serve.

After playing in and gamemastering several PBEM games, I collaborated with Teresa Michelson in putting together the Third Edition Rules. I am presently working on a new release of the Third Edition rules which will contain the Optional/Advanced rules.

I live in Needham, MA, a suburb of Boston, and have hosted several FTF "Boston-area Magic Realm" nights. If you are nearby and interested, drop me a line at stephenmcknight AT comcast DOT net

Dynan Lawster

I love all the online activity and offer a great amount of thanks to the people who keep the Magic Realm alive. I am home quite a bit because of a disability, but with some studies and Realm online, there seems to be plenty to do. This may explain my limitless questions about the rules, since I occasionally have time to peruse them if I feel the Realm-Bug bite too deeply.

Nostalgia pours over me when playing the Realm. A group of about six friends all got copies of MR hot off the press, in 1979, I believe. My last Realm games were with a friend who demonstrated some subtle and elegant ways to use special abilities and magic. I have not repeated them, but to do so is my quest.

Standing ovation for the many folks who keep the Realm alive, especially All the Game Masters and Rule Rewriters (Steven & Teresa...hip...hip...Hooray). I offer my assistance to all, if I can be of any help. If you'd like to email about anything Realm :

Deric Page

My first introduction to MR was back around 82 or 83, when I was still in grade school. I had a couple friends to play the game with, but I make no claims about how well (or accurate to the rules) we played. After junior high came a long drought in which I never got to play the game because everyone I introduced it to thought it was too complicated. I discovered the online community in the late 90s (I want to say 96 or 97 but am not sure) & have played in several online games. I also try to get the occasional FtF game going, but run into the same problems as before. If you're in the St. Louis, MO area feel free to drop me a line (deric dot page at usa dot net). If enough folks contact me, perhaps we can arrange a FtF game at some point.

Robin Warren

I remember saving up to buy Magic Realm at my local Endgames store. I also remember being disappointed with the rules, and left frustrated at not being able to really play the game. It wasn't until years later, when a good friend of mine referred me to the 2nd edition ruleset, that Magic Realm welcomed me into its domain. Since then, I've played dozens of games, and enjoyed every one.

Having moved from Oregon (my home state), first to Pennsylvania, then to California, I found myself wanting to play this game, but lacking people to play it with. Whenever by brother or friends came to visit, we'd squeeze off a couple games, but it was always under the stress of not having enough time. That's the primary reason I decided to start on RealmSpeak, my Java version of the game that allows virtual face-to-face play over the internet. Though I have a long ways to go, I've actually played Magic Realm several times in the last couple of weeks with my friends/family in Oregon, and I'm excited to see this project through to completion.

I am the webmaster of the site The Realm, which I put up to collate a bunch of links I had discovered on this game, as well as to advertise an expansion (new treasures, tiles, spells, etc) my brother-in-law and I put together. It's fantastic to see the number of websites that are available today! I'm especially pleased to see the Magic Realm Wiki, as it really opens the doors for creative invention of new material for the game. Thanks Peter!

I too would like to thank all of you that have kept this game alive, from discussions, to websites, to downloadable resources. Thanks!!

David Orange

Long-time Grognard and FRPer who finds MR the best of both (and all possible) worlds. Enjoy playing Realm Speak (thanks Robin!)and currently participating in two PBEM games:

Xelvonar the Wizard in Dan Farrow's YELLOW campaign

Sylvana the Maid (level 1 Woods Girl) in Teresa Michaelson's DEVMR2 campaign

Dan Evans

Located in Northern California - Chico, to be precise. Insert standard story here of buying MR a couple of decades or so ago when I was young and naive. Tried to play it, yada, yada, yada... Pulled it out again a few years ago when I found the online community, etc... :) :) What's wired differently in all of us that our stories start to sound the same? *chuckle* Hated the lack of information on the existing components, so I made my own which you can get here: New Components


Back in 2000 I've created my website on MR, now it isn't frequently updated, but in 5 years I enjoyed uploading a lot of information (from many contributors).

I live (and play) in Italy, and, by the way, I can assure you that the 1st edition's rules aren't too bad, if you compare them to the (baaaad) italian translation. I was able to play MR only when I was able to read the original english version ;-)

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