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Realm Speak Quests

Book of Quests - Quest Cards

This is a page to assemble ideas on how to implement some version of Jay's Book of Quests concept in Realm Speak. Currently, the Quest Cards variation by Steve, seems to be the most feasible at this time, because it modularizes the quests a bit, which makes sense from programmer's perspective.

(Note - I'm avoiding last names, due to the public nature of this wiki, but if you (Jay or Steve) feel that you want your last name here, feel free to add it!)

Steve's Quest Cards are available here:

Quest Cards

Note: I modified the table in this document by adding a card ID number to each quest. This will enable us to reference quests by number in our notes.

Robin's initial thoughts:

  • Need to have a "Quest Builder" tool, so that I don't have to enter every quest (and leaves open the opportunity for adding new ones!) Per Robin, there IS a full featured quest builder already written for realmspeak. (He) just needs to make the quests you build available ingame.
  • Quest cards would be saved as individual XML files (perhaps zipped and renamed extension like the rschar files) in a Quests folder
  • All quests would be loaded from the folder at game start
  • Using quests would be another play variant option - need to decide how many *ways* there are to play the quest cards
  • There should be a separate file for maintaining card inventory (# of each type of card). That way the balance could be tweaked without changing the quest files themselves. Ultimately, I would envision quest "decks" that could be distributed as people experiment with new combinations. Of course, there would always be the official "Steve Deck"! :-)

Realm Speak Design Notes

At this time, I feel that each quest card will be represented by an object in memory, which in turn will be derived from an XML file. Each quest will have some general info, a list of specific requirements that must be met to achieve victory, and a set of additional rewards. Here I'll list what I think the components are for each section, as I think will be necessary to implement the quests as Jay/Steve have them. I'll also list some of the minor character abilities that need to be supported.

General Info:

	Additional Reward
	Order (identical numbers indicate non-ordered)
	Requires rules:  list of optional/advanced/house rules that MUST be in play for this quest to be visible
	Character exclusions:
		MAGIC users

Specific Requirements:

	Cumulative Fame, Notoriety, Gold, Great Treasures, Spells
	1st discovery (sites, and Lost City/Castle)
	Any discovery (sites, and Lost City/Castle) - list discoveries that count
	All discoveries - list ALL discoveries that must be found (this will automatically multiply for multiple boards!)
	travel specific path (list of clearings)
	Arrive at dwelling
	Kill site guard (list of possible sites:  hoard and lair, for example) and loot 1 treasure
	Rescue from empty site (list of possible sites)
	Deliver rescued person to dwelling
	Target Monster Fame/Not (list of monsters to include)
	Recover a TWT Treasure
	Meet a Visitor (Warlock, Shaman, Crone, or Scholar)
	Deliver conditional fame treasure to native group (cannot buy conditional fame item from group first!)
	Hold a Great Treasures (list it twice if you intend 2)
	Hold an Artifact
	Hold a specific item (list of possible items)
	Hold a Book
	Loot a site (or Lost City/Castle)
	Spend 1 turn in a clearing (list possible clearings)

Additional Reward:

	Companion joins you
	Companion leaves you
	Pick up a Minor Character chit (visitor)
	Drop a Minor Character chit
	10 gold payment or pay 10 gold to receive 1 level friendliness from all dwelling natives
	Take a treasure from Minor Character
	Learn a spell from Minor Character

Minor Character effects:

	No horse/fly/woods movement
	Extra REST phase - no MAGIC rest!!
	Relationship change (list specific group - native or visitor or monster type - and friendliness)
	Immune to curses
	No sunlight phases

Difficult to implement quests (so far...)

	46 - The Would-Be Enchanter
	54 - Travels of the Healer - last part (mercy) is tricky
	55 - Sword of Terror
	56 - The Zoological Specimen

The Quest

This is a preamble to the actual Quest object that I envision will be necessary. This object will be serializable into XML. Multiple quests as files will be placed into a "Quests" folder, and Realm Speak will be able to read them at launch time. This encourages people to share quests, and/or make quest packs. Oh, maybe a zip file of quests would allow a quest pack to be used as a whole, excluding other quests, like if one person wanted to define the pack that should be used.


	Required Optional/Advanced/Other Rules List (If required rules are not in play, the quest is unavailable)
	Character Exclusions/Inclusions (i.e., Magic users, Black Knight)
	List of all Quest Steps

Quest Locations

	Location Name
	Location Choices (can be one or many) - Tile Coordinate (AV-4) or chit name (Howl 4, Lost City, Hamlet, Vault)
		CHOICE - player must choose from list at start of quest
		ANY - any of the locations in the list are valid
		RANDOM - the computer chooses a specific location from the list
		LOCKONUSE - any of the locations in the list are valid, until the player uses one to complete a requirement, at which time the location is locked to the specific one

Quest Step

	Description (tells player what they need to do next)
	Identify Quest Steps that are required before this step can be started
	Identify Quest Steps that once started (complete?), prevent this quest step from being possible.
	Requirements for completion
			- Total
			- Overall Gain (from start of quest)
			- Limit to list of monsters/natives
			- Total
			- Overall Gain (from start of quest)
		Gain a number of:
			- Small/Large/Great/TWT
			- Artifact
			- Book
			- Specific Item
		Location Action - (uses Quest Locations above)
			- Type of Action
				- Occupy (0-n turns)
				- Occupy (0-n turns) when no monsters
				- Discover
				- Hire/Kill X inhabitants
				- Loot/Buy X treasure/counters
	Rewards for Step Completion
		Report information (a text string that describes the step completion in a dialog box)
			Hireling/Companion/Minor Character
			Action Chit
		Move to location
		Gain/Lose Friendliness
		Quest Complete (all quests must have a path to this reward)

Other Notes

  • To give a character something at the start of the quest, add a quest step with no requirements, and a reward.
  • Possible to have multiple separate steps that must be completed before another step can be completed.
  • Possible to have optional steps that allow bonus rewards for extra work

Quest Persistence


		excludedchars	[List of Strings]
		includedchars	[List of Strings]
		locationnames	[List of Strings]

loc_<name> choices (list of coordinates or chit names)

		handling (one of CHOICE, ANY, RANDOM, LOCK)

step<#> name

		prerequisitesteps	[List of integers]
		preemptingsteps		[List of integers]

step<#>rq<#> type (from an enum)

		locationname (only for location actions)

step<#>rw<#> type (from an enum)

		information	(text string to show to character)
		objectname	(when appropriate)
		locationname	(when appropriate)
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Page last modified on August 06, 2010, at 05:54 PM