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Elf Opt Abilities

Restricted Elusiveness

The extra Hide phase that his Elusiveness Special Advantage gives him is treated as if it were supplied by a permanent spell that requires Gold magic to energize. He can only execute his extra Hide phase if he is in a clearing that is supplied with Gold magic, or if he fatigues a Gold color chit of his own. He does not need Gold magic to record the phase, only to execute it.

NOTES: The Elf is widely considered the most over-powered character; he has an impressive list of advantages that no other character can match. Try this instead of using the Great Elf/Light Elf optional rule to limit him. Contributed by Jay Richardson.


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Light vs Great Elf

Optional Rule 1.7 (2nd ed):

1.7 ELF: The Elf is a special case. His abilities are intended to antagonize other characters, putting him at a disadvantage during diplomacy, but if there is no diplomacy his abilities just give him too big an advantage. To compensate for this, when a player selects the Elf as his character he must choose to be either a Light Elf or a Great Elf. If he is a Light Elf, he cannot play his Medium strength FIGHT and MOVE chits during the game. If he is a Great Elf, he cannot play his "MOVE L2*" chit. He can use his unplayable chit(s) to pay for fatigue and wounds he incurs during combat, but he cannot play them for any purpose.


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Page last modified on January 06, 2010, at 11:16 PM