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Magic Sight Vs Other Search Tables

  • Excerpt from the article "Which Way the Witch King? A MAGIC REALM Seminary" by Paul R. Bolduc

Comparison of Magic Sight to Other Search Tables

ActionSearchPeerLocateLootReadMagic Sight
Hidded Enemies27.78%33.33%11.11%--varies *
Hidden Paths22.22%-25.00%--2.78%
Secret Passages16.67%-11.11%--2.78%
Glimpse Counters11.11%33.33%11.11%---
Find Counters2.78%2.78%11.11% **--25.00%
Loot (treasure)---varies ***-16.67%
Learn Spell----25.00%19.44%
Free Spell----44.44%19.44% *

* Depends upon what the "Hidden Enemy" is carrying: ranges from 2.78% to 44.44%
** If "Glipse Counters" previously in turn, the odds are 55.56%
*** Depending on the number of treasures remaining: ranges from 2.78% to 100.00%


Magic Sight is definitely advantageous with regard to finding counters and to reading spells (no chance of a curse and you only get spells you can use); it is definitely inferior for finding hidden paths, secret passages, and usually hidden enemies. One needs a "3" or a "1" die roll to loot a treasure card, as opposed to one through six (depending on how many treasures are left) for the Loot Table but with Magic Sight you always draw the top treasure card, making it the table of choice when three or less treasures remain. Also remember, the treasures on top of the piles are large treasures and are generally more valuable than those four or five down. Trouble is a lot of them are too heavy [if you are playing a (L)ight character].


I'm not quite sure what the above chart is showing. I think it might have been from MR 1.0. When I calculate the odds using the tables for MR 3.0, they look quite different. They should read:

ActionPeerLocateLootReadMagic Sight
Choice2.78%2.78%  2.78%
Hidded Enemies33.33%---w/spells 19.44%, w/treasure 13.89%, w/equipment 8.33%
Hidden Paths22.22%---(see choice)
Secret Passages-22.22%--(see choice)
Clues33.33%8.33%--(see choice)
Discover Sites-19.44%--25.00%
Loot (treasure)--varies ***-13.89%
Loot (equipment)--(see above)-8.33%
Learn Spell---25.00%19.44%
Free Spell---44.44%N/A

Also, since the odds for "Looting" 3 treasures normally is 9 in 36 or 25%, the Magic Sight table is only preferable once there are only TWO treasures remaining. ~Dreamteam

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Page last modified on January 26, 2010, at 02:54 AM