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The Druid

Overview Character strategy page originally posted on

Druid is very different from any other character in the Realms, and has very few options during play. However, he has several advantages to aid his game strategy.


Druid must work by himself to succeed. Useless in combat, his Peace, Lull and Concealment advantages should prevent him from ever being in the same clearing as a monster. His game is hide and seek.


Druid should not work with a team, since his abilities are nullified when with others. However, he could be a minor boon to a warrior, or anyone interested in dealing with the Bashkars.


If it comes to this, you're in trouble, so run… However, you can take Stones Fly, which can be effective against native groups or Goblins. If so, take time each day to ready it.


Staying away from other characters and groups and still meeting your victory requirements can be a challenge. Also, the fact that your Ally and Enemy occupy similar lands can be a problem.


Stay hidden at all times, and try to avoid other characters. Since you are better at moving safely through dangerous areas, do so. This will create a buffer zone for you, and allow you to stake out your own space.


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Page last modified on January 07, 2010, at 01:48 AM