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The Magician

Overview Character strategy page originally posted on

Magician is an arcane jack-of-trades, with nearly unlimited magical flexibility. But since it is difficult for him to power his spells, he is more reliant on his wits to make the most of the magical opportunites available, rather than creating his own.


Working solo isn't Magician's best option, but it can allow him maximum growth if things go well. Choose utility spells to avoid combat, and seek out the Visitors to expand your spellbook. Work in enchanted areas as much as possible.


Magician is a good addition to a team, where his Type VI, VII and VIII spells can be best used. Since Magician can power these spell types himself, and he is fairly weak in combat, this is his best option for success.


Unable to power offensive spells (at least initially), play run/hide. Acquiring a weapon and boosting your potency with utility magic is another strategy.


Magician cannot enchant tiles, and has a limited selection of spells he can power at the beginning of the game. Overcoming this is paramount to Magician's success.


Your spell choices will govern your strategy early on. A good option is to stock up on dispelling magics, then sell the services or join a group. You will need to play the opportunist until you can acquire additional spells and a source of color magic.


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