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The Pilgrim

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Pilgrim is a wandering holy man, and wields powerful White magic. He is a great boon in a group, and can work solo if careful. His alliance with the Order make him dangerous if crossed.


Pilgrim should seek out the Shrine, and stay there. If war breaks out, return to the Chapel, hire the Order and wait. At the chapel, your magic is always powered, and the Order are the most powerful warriors in the game.


Pilgrim is best in a group, where his beneficial magic and protection from Demons can make a big difference. In return, he receives some protection. Pilgrim can be a decent warrior with some armor and a Medium weapon.


Work against the Demons and Imp when possible. Pilgrim is a quick on the attack, but lacks the power to take down anything larger than Medium. Acquiring armor and a better weapon helps greatly, though his slow maneuvers should discourage this as a strategy.


Pilgrim is too slow afoot to avoid being hit, so fights with more than one monster at a time are lethal. Starting with only one spell means restricting your strategy until additional spells are found.


If working alone, seek the Shrine, Altar or Statue. They offer both treasures and useable spells, and you are safe from the demons and imp. If on a team, encourage them to find these same sites. If you have an opportunity to take the Quest campaign, take it!


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Page last modified on January 07, 2010, at 01:52 AM