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The Sorceror

Overview Character strategy page originally posted on

Sorceror is the master of Elemental magic. With time to prepare, he can be one of the most powerful characters in the game.


With full access to the best offensive spells in the game, Sorceror can be effective working alone. He needs to be cautious and patient until he's sure of the dangers in any area, though.


Sorceror is a good addition to a team for the same reasons he is successful alone. If part of his strategy, Sorceror can choose a utility spell to make him more well rounded as a team member.


With strong, mass-effect magic at hand, Sorceror is a match for any monster in the game, if he is prepared. So prepare! In melee, he is nearly useless.


It can be tempting to charge into unexplored areas, since Sorceror can best most creatures. Avoid rashness, take time to prepare each day.


Definately take one or two of the attack spells, notably Fiery Blast and/or Lightning Bolt. Melt Into Mist is a great defensive option. Consider taking one utility spell to broaden your game options. If viable, work in the Mountains, where you can enchant the tile and get free Purple magic.


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Page last modified on January 07, 2010, at 01:59 AM