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The Witch

Overview Character strategy page originally posted on

Witch is a troublesome mistress of natural and unnatural magicks, who can work as an uncertain ally or difficult adversary.


Working alone can be Witch's best option. Taking some adversarial spells allows her to protect her discoveries or steal them from others.


Witch can serve several roles on a team. With her familiar, she is the perfect spy. With her Type VIII spells, she can hinder or devastate rival groups, and she can call on terrible Black magic to trump any single opponent.


Depending on her strategy, Witch should generally stay away from combat when possible. Her best offensive spells are limited to single targets. She is unable to defend herself in melee, even if she gets a weapon.


It is difficult to determine a strategy for Witch. Choosing spells is paramount, and must match your strategy, or you could fall behind.


Consider taking a mix of utility and offensive spells, to widen your choices during play. Do not ignore your good relationship with the Company, and use it to help get access to monster-infested areas.


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Page last modified on January 07, 2010, at 02:01 AM