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The Witch King

Overview Character strategy page originally posted on

Witch-King is a powerful spirit being, and master of arcana. Well played, he can dominate the Magic Realm.


Witch-King does well alone, and is a match for any encounter in the game. His magic is varied enough to provide for most situations.


Witch-King can benefit from a corporeal teammate. Teams can benefit from his spells, though he is powerful enough to dispatch his teamates if they become wealthy or troublesome.


Witch-King has access to powerful attack spells, and these are his only real option for combat. This isn't a bad option, though. A good strategy is to take one mass-effect and one single target attack spell.


Witch-King has no Move or Fight chits (he's a disembodied spirit). This means you are unable to carry anything heavier than Negligible without using magic. Also, you must use the Magic Sight table to search, which radically changes your odds of discovering things.


You will need to choose a motive spell, either Broomstick or Unleash Power. Melt Into Mist, Transform and the usual Type IV attack spells are all good options. Consider taking World Fades to allow use of the standard Search tables occasionally. Pairing up with a Black Knight or Swordsman is a good short term strategy.


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