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The Wizard

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Wizard is potentially one of the best characters in the game, with a good mix of defense, magic, and mobility. He is slow in combat, but his knowledge of all hidden paths make him an excellent guide.


A solo Wizard need not shy away from combat, but he must enter prepared. The right spells can make him deadly, as can a better weapon. Use your knowledge to move to far areas of the Realm, and use your good trade relationships to maximize bartering. Missions are a good way to gain Gold.


Wizard is an excellent guide, and his magic can benefit a team in any number of ways. This also provides him with better combat protection and more opportunities.


Wizard can take down Medium opponents, but should choose his fights carefully. He is better off relying more on magic in combat, though the acquisition of a better weapon or even armor gives him more flexibility.


Wizard lacks the spell selection early on to be prepared for all contingencies. He is very slow, and can get caught by surprise.


Your spell choices will govern your strategy, so choose carefully. Seek out new spells. With them, you can become the premiere spellcaster in the game. Consider teaming up with a decent warrior early. The optional Elvish Studies advantage makes Wizard far more viable.


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