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Realm Speak Advantages Request

If you are using the new Custom Character Builder that is now available in the latest build of Realm Speak (as of v0.56), you'll probably be coming up with ideas for new special advantages. If you make requests here in an orderly fashion, I'll see what I can do. As advantages are completed, I'll mark them with a "Done". When I release a version of the software that supports the special advantage, I'll delete them from here so that this page doesn't grow indefinitely.

Special Advantage Requests


  • Cannot initiate attacks on natives that are not-battling the character.
  • Cannot attack when hidden (honorable)
  • Robin's Productive Dwarf House Rule (would like this for a halfling character) - You should already be able to get this one. Go to the misc tab, and select "Cannot use sunlight phases". If you are playing with the house rule, that will translate (I tested it)
  • Can only deal with natives during daylight if hidden (character is especially repulsive to natives)


  • Monster Friendliness - be able to specify which monsters behave like natives to you (roll on meeting table, hireable, etc) - This should probably have different steps like Neutral towards X and Friendly towards Y, etc...
  • Record only sunlight phases in caves
  • Ability to handle two weapons at once (non-ranged) This could be pretty hard to code - Robin
  • Optional Magic Sight Ability (i.e. Guiding Spirit) as opposed to Witch King's mandatory ability.
  • Start with a specific Small Treasure (this would allow all sorts of tailoring using existing rules).
  • Maybe cursed armor...M weight (for carrying & using), T durability (for defense), Fatigue 1 asterisk each time it absorbs a hit, regardless of strength of hit.
  • Reduced Icy Winds / Frigid Air effects.
  • Abilities that are in effect only on the 7th day of the week or when color magic is available.
  • Invulnerability (could only be injured by magic, e.g. if target of a spell or by "magic weapons" = treasure weapons). Very strong advantage, must have strong disadvantage (e.g., may not attack)
  • use only one die when stealing items from another character/native/visitor
  • pony movement advantage (e.g., Centaur)
  • immunity against magic
  • Make the Ambush optional rule an advantage
  • Ability to make double attack (just like dragon head and club)
  • Multiple Advantages per level
  • Character must start with a specific spell in one of his spell slots.
  • Advantages that take effect only in certain weather.
  • Allow different starting locations - like any Mountain (Cave) clearing.
  • User-selectable background music? Themes for the Denizens?
  • Remember Elric's Stormbringer? Enchanted (soul-devouring) sword that need only hit to kill (inflicts RED harm when alerted [speed 5], H* [no speed] unalerted), but along with the hit, it confers 1d6 harm (serious wounds) on the wielder.
  • Split "No Monster Summoning for Warning/Sound Chits" into two separate abilities.
  • Boatman: may move to any clearing within a Valley tile.
  • Advantages that are only active during certain months of the year - or perhaps even during certain weather conditions. (i.e. a character that gets advantages only when it's raining).
  • Clever Productive Dwarf (fixes the problem of the Dwarf getting ‘stuck’ at the cave entrances) and Enhanced Cave Lore optional rules.
  • Ability to have different Riding Animal, which behaves like one of the horse types, but has a different name and picture. (E.g. a stag (like pony) or a bison (like warhorse).

Custom chits

These are going to be medium/hard to implement - Robin

  • Shape Shifter - can transform into a specified beast (probably by playing a TRANSFORM/BEAST** chit or when color magic is present)
  • Casting fire by playing a FIRE chit (e.g., Dragon Warrior)
  • Charge (a really good FIGHT chit, say T3, but you take 1d6 wounds when you use it; possibly it should only be usable against denizens)
  • A Fight Chit that can only be used to alert a weapon.
  • A special chit when alerted (like Berserk) enables the character to Walk the Woods for the rest of the day.
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Page last modified on January 27, 2011, at 11:17 AM