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Enhanced Cave Lore

This rule augments the existing Cave Lore ability for the Dwarf as follows:

  • When in a cave clearing, the Dwarf may record an extra phase to record any non-Move activity 1 time per Day.



  • This extra phase becomes available should the Dwarf occupy a cave clearing during any part of his turn, but the bonus activity can only be executed in a cave clearing.
  • This ability functions essentially the same as (and in addition to) a Shielded Lantern, with the exception that the Dwarf can not use the extra activity gained from his Enhanced Cave Lore to record a Move activity. Any other 'normal' activity is allowed (i.e. Hide, Search, Alert,... etc).
Author's Note
In my games, there seems to be a real tendency for all characters to avoid cave clearings like the plague. This essentially results in a large part of the Realm becoming a no-go zone, and I rarely see any serious cave exploration. Using this rule, the Dwarf really comes into his own element when in cave clearings, and it is a lot of fun to see the Dwarf get a benefit where the other characters don't. Offsets his forest/mountain movement disadvantages nicely.
  • This rule was intended to be used together with the Clever Productive Dwarf optional rule. IMO these two rules give the Dwarf a real leg up (no pun intended) and make playing the Dwarf a lot of fun.


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Page last modified on January 06, 2010, at 08:09 AM