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The Elf

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Elf is one of the most interesting characters to play in a full game. Quick, dangerous with the bow, and able to cast spells, Elf has numerous options. The player can decide whether to work as a benevolent team member or difficult and dangerous adversary.


Elf's speed and archery ability make him dangerous against almost any single foe. Options include hiring the powerful Woodfolk, shadowing and ambushing other characters, or using magical boons to become a powerful warrior. If you are a Great Elf, acquire the Medium bow as soon as possible.


Elf's archery and speed make him a a good combat asset, while his spells can thwart rival groups or characters. His allegiance with the Woodfolk and Bashkars make him a good leader during wartime, while his magic can confound, hinder or destroy rival groups.


Elf should stay away from the largest monsters, unless he has the Medium Bow. Even then, he should avoid larger groups. He has limited Move and Fight chits, so avoid fatigue carefully.


Elf has limited Move and Fight chits; Light Elf has only 1 useable Fight chit. His lack of armor, Light vulnerability and troublesome nature make him a target by rival characters.


If you plan on antagonizing other characters or groups (at which Elf excels), take the Light Elf and try to stay in wooded tiles. If you plan on being more benevolent, take the Great Elf. Your spell choices should mirror your approach in this respect.


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Page last modified on January 07, 2010, at 01:47 AM